Apologies to Goldfrapp

Game-Central is host to my latest monotribe on PC gaming: “I’m in Love with a Strict Machine.”

We take you back to yesteryear, to a day when games were fickle, gamers were tech-heads by neccesity, and play elements would just plain go missing because of your mouse drivers. Here’s a sample:

Gaming on the PC, on the other hand, was practically an act of masochism. Forget the cost of specialized components like “monitors” and the dim, Carcosian landscape of an alien DOS prompt. You *had* to get mired down in fancy technical stuff for it to do anything remotely game-like. Example: high-end PC video that could show more than FOUR COLORS AT A TIME didn’t hit the mass market until around 1982. And even then, setting them up felt a lot like brain surgery: crack the case, perform precise work, and never touch anything inside … even if you knew what it was connected to.

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