Divine Divinity Denouement

So here’s a reason to follow me on Twitter: That’s where I give stuff away.  Case in point, here are the winners of the “rename Divine Divinity to something equally silly and alliterative” contest!  ON TWITTER!

  • KeenanW won with “Omnipotent Impotence,” because God apparently requires you to level up before enacting His celestial will.  WTF?  Like, did the archangel Uriel ever totally biff his perception rolls to spot the lamb’s blood on the doors during Passover?  “OOPS, HAHA REZ PLZ”
  • TheOfficeTroll won with “Sacrosanct Sacrament,” because syllables have to count for something too, and the “sacr-” prefix doesn’t get as much mileage as it should these days.
  • CaptainFitz won with “Endocrine Endocrinity,” for reasons I cannot fully articulate.
  • Weclock won with “Devastating Demons,” because he efficiently describes not only what you do in the game, but also what you face.

Thanks for playing, everyone!  And if you’re looking to pick up Divine Divinity yourself — which is a wonderful game, and everyone should — you could do a lot worse than to get it through this link to GOG.com.