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LTG isn’t exactly a full-time job, you know.  But still: even when I’m not buying a house, packing the apartment, smooching with Linda, or shopping for food,  I — oh wait.  I PLAY GAMES TOO.  Okay.  (Right now I’m playing Psychonauts.  You heard it here first.  Or last.)

Anyway, even when I’m not wrapped up in all that, I do get a lot more done that it may look like from here.

And oh yes, sometimes I write essays for Game-Central.org as well.  Such as this peppy little number: “Wing Commander and the Awesomeness of the Epic Fail.”  When’s the last time you finished a game by failing?

Here’s a bit to whet your appitite:

More often than not, I’m reloading and re-attacking a game with prior knowledge gained from a splattery death. My in-game avatar, however, would remember it differently. There’s a discontinuity between me and the avatar. He can’t see the quick saves and the rage-quits. In his story, he’s just an awesome guy with an awesome destiny.

But destiny didn’t always have its day. As game studios began to unify video games and filmic narratives, the idea of multiple endings emerged. I’m going to explore how multiple endings work in one particular game here: Wing Commander, released in 1990 by Origin Systems.

It was a fun article to write, and I’m glad Game-Central wanted to host it.

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