LTG 01: Ur-Quan Masters

Discover the secrets of the Ur Quan Masters to stop their war machines before they enslave the galaxy!  Change the course of interstellar history!  Fight, chat, and finagle your way toward the salvation of sentient life!

Here’s the Show!:
  • – Gigantic galaxy to explore
  • – Intriguing history to discover
  • – Ancient, one-of-a-kind starship to customize to fit your needs
  • – Dozens of unique alien species to deal with
  • – Exceptionally fun dialog that shimmers with the brilliance of a thousand suns
  • – Diverse ship-to-ship arcade battles
What’s Awesome:

The designers obviously loved making Ur-Quan Masters!  Visit their website at Toys for Bob and they’re still going on about it.  The graphics are expressive and bold.  Tragedy and delight jostle for position as the plot unfolds.  The games-within-games keep the play experience fresh.  There are so many little touches that set it apart.

I love the history of the galaxy, told from different perspectives of the many alien races.  Ur-Quan Masters takes the best of 80’s science fiction and makes a grand space opera out of it — with lots of great dialog and characterizations, to boot.

The community of players and programmers keep UQM vigorous.  The remixed music and updated graphics engines are labors of true love.

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