A Slow Dawn

A quiet year all around, as far as Long Tail Gamer goes, yes?

I mean, there were the Great March Purges, my departure from Game-Central, and basically the total shutting down of video games from my life.  Even my world-famous Twitter feed went dark.

Yup.  Not much to blog about in a world of nothing.  Ergo, chirp chirp.  It happens to every blog eventually.  Sometimes often.

But then things turn around.

Yeah.  Almost a year to the day, the March Purges are slowly reversing.  The light of dawn cracks over the horizon of my gaming rig.  Light from a distant star now graces upon the land.

It’s not like I have more spare time.  If anything, I have less.  I’m preppinga new business venture with Linda, for one thing.  For another thing, we’re getting married.  And I totally need new socks.  There’s, like, a jillion things to do.

But, on a whim and having a few hours to kill, I installed Stronghold last weekend.

Next thing I knew, the Sun was going down, I’d been in my jammies all day, and the cats were starving — TO DEATH, by their reckoning.  So sad, the way their little pink tongues flopped from their gaping mouths, futily twitching to lick the imagined last whiffs of Science Diet from their far-too-clean bowls.

My castle was doing great, though.  Radiers, beware!

If the new biz does well, I’ll be better off financially than I ever have been in my life.  That won’t be much of a stretch, honestly.  But, you know how it is, you get in those “flights of fancy” sort of mood, imagining yourself dolphin-leaping amid piles of shiny coins, fantasizing what you’d do with your cut…

First thing I thought of: upgrade my video card.  Honestly.

So: gaming.  I can’t promise anything, and it won’t be like the old days, but baby, you know I care.  I might not have time for you like I once did, but I’ll make time for you like I never have.

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